Meet Lionela Colon, the founder and creator of True L.I.O. Inc.. 

After competing as a bikini body builder, Lio found herself left with unexpected health issues. She experienced and witnessed firsthand the impact that incorrect, incomplete, or misleading fitness and nutritional guidance can have on our health and body.

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After trying traditional medicine to recover and not getting results, she knew there had to be better options, so she took her health into her own hands and set out to find them. Through her research, determination and consistency, she repaired herself from the inside out. It was her own self-guided recovery that inspired her to start True L.I.O., with the goal of helping others find true life improvement and optimization as she did.

Being a certified functional nutritionist Lio wholeheartedly believes that food is medicine, and therefore takes a holistic approach to health and wellness. By combining personalized nutrition plans with cutting-edge therapies and treatments, she has helped clients for over a decade overcome a wide range of health challenges, from hormonal imbalances, autoimmune disorders, to weight management and disease.

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